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Sherlock post S3

I feel a bit blank toward Sherlock S3. Lots of drama happened, probably to portray and/or contrast the character of Sherlock. Seems that in exchange, the adventures/deduction parts paled out - the only one I like now is the mind-palace scene with Molly and Anderson. John is basically stuck into a washing machine running in the wrong cycle. Mary is... kinda plot device - we get the top bits (she is fun, baddass, loves John), but none of the middle bits to build around the purpose of her character. Janine was predictable. Actually, most interesting female characters in canon Sherlock Holmes have became some agency for Sherlock's character in this series, so I probably shouldn't have hopped at all.

I don't even feel anything toward CAM and Moriaty "_". Of course I loved the comedy of eps 2 and the 29-frames of Mystrade, but I could tell many parts of S3 was obviously toward crowd pleasing without solid construction on the parts that made S1 and S2 unique.

So here's some wish that S4 will be better. 
It's always nice to read about a romantic real-life event on Valentine day ^^. This is the 2 posts from Neil Gaiman's tumblr. I can't wait to see how things turn out!

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Definitely check out the vid starting from about 3:00

Music and one form of enjoying music

Just like this


Crack interpretation of a game

If you plan to play The Sims Medieval then this note contains spoilers you may not want to know before playing.

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Changing Education Paradigms

"This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award."

It's broad, but it has ideas. What do you think?


The meme!

As I have promised to , I sat down and wrote this meme write after I came back from my 10-day vacation. It's the one I first saw done by blurry19  then finally got around to ask for  from xploded_tb. For this you: ♥ Reply with "It's over 9000!" and I'll give you four fandoms. ♥ Write about your favorite character from each fandom. These are what I got :D  

1) Twelve Kingdoms: Taiki/ Kouri – Kaname Takasatou

Aw.. tough decision already. The thing about TK is that the characters are not just great by themselves but have interesting interactions that really make the story ship. After a (short) debate I finally come down to Taiki because his 10-years-and-ongoing cliff-hanger makes my heart ache whenever I think of TK =(.
Fanart from members.jcom.home.ne.jp/theknights/

My reason is sympathy and anticipation. In his first book in TK, Taiki is young, innocent; he barely has any knowledge about himself and the world of 12 kingdoms. He remains an adorable and unselfish child throughout this short period in the care of people who understand and help him with adapting into being a kirin. Compared to the main characters of other storylines, the young Taiki is quite… boring. This turns out to be Fuyumi Ono’s biggest character built-up in the series so far, as she gives us in detail the hardships Taiki endures after the disappearance of Gyousou. He is no longer a child; and despite still knowing not much about surviving in this world, he is calm and quite self-reliant (meaning we can trust that he will go seek for help when he need to, unlike one branch of the stubborn character cliché). The young Taiki thinks he is useless to those around him when he can’t get his kirin power to manifest; the old Taiki, on the other hand, goes back to Tai to find Gyousou even though he doesn’t have any power. I really really want to see how these changes in his character will fix the situation. I hope he will be happy again, because he deserves to be happy, although I doubt he will be able to laugh brightly like he did 6 years before.

Besides, the relationship between Gyousou and Taiki is nice. Of the four monarchs focused in the series, Gyousou is the most gentle and caring toward his kirin, not to mention he likes to keep Taiki around, while for other couples it’s more about kirins sticking closely to their masters. As a slasher, I can’t help notice them more XD. Rokuta and Shouryuu is fun together and have a remarkably lovely marriage of 500 years and counting; but they don’t show their care toward each other (they don’t worries about each other very much really, best conversations though), and Rokuta’s 11 years old physical appearance is just… a little hard for someone who don’t read shota like me… Taiki’s 17-18 year’s old so him and Gyousou together is more appealing, haha XD.

That’s one big rant, now off to the next one:

2)   Aitsu no Daihonmei: Yoshida

The obvious, of course. Can you look straight into my eyes or, if you don’t dare to, look straight at your screen and say that you love this manga like no other and follow it like a craze because you like the gorgeous and gentlemanlike and all-spot-light-on-me character named Satou?

If your answer is yes, then I’m sorry but you have very high chance of ending up the way countless girls who worship Satou does in the manga. Don’t say later that I didn’t warn you.

The reason is simple, Yoshida has good spirit, is fun, humble but not abnormally unselfish or ignorant about romance, not intelligent but practical and has common sense. A most realistic uke for the outrageous seme type that readers have been waiting for for quite a while.

In short, without him prince Satou is miserable; with him the world has one less jerk to deal with. Yoshida is our (sacrificing) hero. (Okay I should stop now). *Note on picture: yes, I think he's cool that way.
3) Junjou Romantica: Hiroki

I would interpret this as including the whole Junjou verse just so that I can choose Hiroki XD. The reason is, ehm, there’s no one else I can choose…. *averts eyes*. I read the Junjou series because it’s crazy and it’s full of crazy people (without the people part it’ll just be another giant Opera bar of soap…), but I choose Hiroki because although he is always desperate and highly violent, as the story progresses he doesn’t become madder, just… explores his old madness (this explanation is going nowhere, I know).

For another try, I ‘d say that all aggressive people in the Junjou verse (Usagi, Nowaki, Shinobu, Isaka) have some serious personality problems. Hiroki is the only partner that have just enough abnormality for me to not feel sorry for his ending up with the guy the author gave him (Misaki and Miyagi literally stray out of the common sense world for their lovers) or for the angst he gets because the respective partner doesn’t have the right sort of craziness (yes, I’m talking about Asahina…)

Make sense of what I wrote as you can, I’m at your mercy =]]]].

Cain Saga - Count Cain/ Godchild: Riff

Blurry has very kindly let me choose my own fandom so I draw back to one of my oldest fangirl crush – Count Cain and his man servant plus butler Riff. Riff is the type of gentleman girls like to marry and fangirls like to see getting matched up. Drama, tragedy, angst, undying loyalty and yearning from both sides are the reasons I gave my love to this couple.   And they look good together too.

Note on picture: why picking a picture that doesn't show Riff's face? Because I think this one show them well - we don't know who is hiding behind who here :).



From hiakiwoo.fc2web.com/
Chung chương


“Shuko! Ngươi thấy Shouryuu đâu không?” Rokuta ló đầu vào Nội cung

Đã mười năm trôi qua kể từ cuộc nổi loạn của Atsuyu; chỉ mới đây thôi việc tổ chức lại Lục quan và tuyển thêm quan viên bổ sung mới tạm ổn. Trong triều đình mới này, Shuko được bổ nhiệm làm Đại Tư khấu,  đứng đầu Thu quan.


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Naotaka mở mắt. Bầu trời xanh trải rộng phía trên đã điểm ráng tím. Người hắn đang đung đưa, hoặc là ai đó đang đung đưa hắn. Hắn không thể nghĩ gì được.

Chớp mắt vài lần, Naotaka dần nhận ra tiếng nước động xung quanh mình. Những làn gió mang hương biển. Những ngôi sao đầu tiên đã bắt đầu mọc lên trên nền trời chiều, nhẹ nhàng đung đưa trước mắt hắn.

“À, ta đang ở trên một chiếc thuyền.”


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Shouryuu buông kiếm nhìn khắp những quan lại đang đứng bất động.

“Kouya,” anh cất tiếng gọi, bước tới phía người Xạ sĩ. Anh nhìn gương mặt không chút cảm xúc của cậu, “Kouya, ta xin lỗi.”

“Nhưng…” Kouya lắp bắp, giọng cậu hơn một tiếng thì thào. “Nhưng tôi…”

“Ta cảm ơn cậu.”

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